1:1 Course Price





                                     COURSE 1:1 (One week)

                                             € 1,875.00  (total)          

                                                            Price includes:

1. 5 mornings, 1:1 sessions, and 4 afternoons On the Move;
2. Host-family accommodation: own room, breakfast and evening meal each day;
3. Lunch with your teacher each day;
4. An evening in Dublin with your teacher, incl. any tickets required;
5. Airport meet and greet collection on arrival;
6. Weekly commuter ticket to travel around Dublin;
7. Bluefeather post-course e-link service.   

               Quiet, cosy room, close to all public amenities. 

                              Breakfast and evening meal each day.                      

                  Practise your English and get to know our wonderful,

                               friendly and experienced host-family hosts!

                           Powerscourt House and Gardens