Course Content for 1:1 Course


  Nobel Laureates, Yeats, Shaw, Beckett, Heaney                                                                                                                             

                                      BEFORE YOUR COURSE                                     
CONTACT US by e-mail or phone and we'll send you a little placement test and needs analysis form so you can hit the ground running when you arrive! You can also Skype us before you arrive so we can get to know each other! 
                                                 YOUR COURSE                  
MONDAY TO FRIDAY. We'll incorporate an evening out with you each week during your course and arrange weekend excursions on request into the magical countryside of Ireland!
     HOW LONG?           
Normally one week - but longer if you wish! 
                                                            WHAT DO YOU OFFER?
WE ARE THE SPECIALISTS: we offer whatever you need!
Are you studying for an examination? e.g. FCE, CAE, CPE,
TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, etc. Do you need to work on your English for final exams at school or university? English literature? The literature of Ireland? Its history? Talk to us about it!
                                     ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS?                 
         SINCE 1987, Bluefeather  and SIEMENS Ireland have worked together as partners in English Language Training programmes. Participants from multinational companies worldwide - many of them household names - have attended short intensive courses with us. Most of our executive students have happily chosen to stay with our super host-families!
         MAYBE you'd like to bring your presentation along! We'll transform it for you and show you how to deliver it with maximum effect! We would also be happy to offer you a special six-month service during which you can send your presentation to us for correction and transformation!
         ARE YOU A TEACHER,  a doctor, a nurse, a scientist who needs English for your work? We look forward to knowing you, to learning from you, and to helping you reach your objective in the shortest possible time!
         ARE YOU KEEN to improve your English fast and effectively in optimal conditions?  Send us a short e-mail and we'll take it from there!          
                           SEAPOINT: A local DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) station 

THE TIME may fly while you are here but you will return with an upgraded knowledge of English for your work and for the world:  improved pronunciation, a greatly increased vocabulary, an enhanced confidence in your practice - and some unforgettable memories of Bluefeather On The Move, your host-families, Dublin and Ireland!

               AFTER YOUR COURSE


UNIQUE to Bluefeather Ireland, we RECORD the key words, phrases, pronunciations, etc. for you in class and SEND YOU THE HIGHLIGHTS of your course by e-mail (or transfer it to your laptop or memory stick): a quick revision in the car, in the comfort of your home, on your MP3 when you go for a walk or wherever you decide to follow up even for a few minutes every day will work wonders and consolidate all the very best of your learning experience!            

LANGUAGE is like a musical instrument: no matter how good you are, you have to keep up your finger exercises! It's always hard to find the opportunity and time to keep in touch with your English when you are at home. So remember, we're always pleased to hear from you! Contact us at if you decide to do a little homework or if you need anything corrected, etc. or even just to say Hello! 


                                                            West of Ireland