1:1 English Course: Q & A




                  Q:           Where do my 1:1 classes take place?

   A:     At the teacher's home, or in your host-family home - so you can relax after breakfast! 

    Q:     What if I stay in a hotel or B&B? 

     A:    Exactly the same! Although we always recommend our fantastic host-families who are so experienced with students and who add enormous value to your stay! Some of our students are still in touch with their former host-families even after twenty years! 

    Q:    Aren't host-families only for younger students?

     A:    In our opinion, the older you are, the more you benefit from staying with a host-family! Some of our older young-at-heart students are retired and come to brush up their English for holidays or just for fun.  

      Q:   Are the classes mornings and afternoons?

      A:   1:1 classes are in the mornings from 9.00 - 13.00. Then we have lunch together and our sessions continue on the move! (Friday afternoon is free after we have had our language practice while at lunch!) We go out together each afternoon to explore Dublin and the countryside. We also go out together one evening to discover the social and cultural life of Dublin. These outdoor activities are a great opportunity for you to practise your English with your teacher in an authentic environment.

                       Q:       What is the Bluefeather e-link?

                        A:   This is a post-course support service which we offer all our 1:1 students who may need advice or assistance with their English from time to time after they return home. We are always happy to hear from our former course participants!

                        Q:     When can I book?

                        A:   1:1 classes take place on the third or fourth week of each month from March to November.


    The Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin city