The details and the prices of Energising through English.


THE PROGRAMME (One Week or Two Weeks)


Mornings from 09.00 -13.00

Interactive presentation beginning with an introduction to Energising through English: while working on the outer skills of English language fluency, we explore the inner skills of being present and aware.

Enhancing the main skills of language acquisition, including Listening, Paraphrasing, Language Production, Reading/Pronunciation Practice and Writing, we use our unique Course materials as a springboard for discussion and inquiry.

In this venture, we are all 'beginners', discussing some of the most intriguing and energy-enhancing life-skills to help us live a more meaningful, joyful and successful life at work and at home.

It is you, the participant, and your response to the materials we provide, that will enable us create a synergy in the group, culminating in a dynamic improvement in your command of English and a greater depth and expansion of self-awareness and capacity for joy.

We pause mid-morning each morning to enjoy some refreshments and a tasty snack together! 

Afternoon sessions: Mon-Thurs from 14.30 -17.30

We go out with you to discover Dublin, its history, its culture and its environment. 

Once again, the interactive presentation focuses on accuracy and fluency, while introducing you to the rich variety of our country and its culture. We then explore and experience what we have learned!

Friday afternoon is free, so you can do some mindful exploring of Dublin's shops!


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, after your evening meal, we invite you to discover and enjoy social and cultural events in Dublin. This is also sometimes interactive, as you may find yourself doing some lively Irish dancing or even playing an Irish musical instrument - knowing by doing and having fun while you're doing it!


On Saturday, we invite you to join us on a full day excursion during which we explore some of the main fascinating attractions outside of Dublin.

Sunday is for arrivals and departures. We meet and greet you at the airport on your arrival and take you to your accommodation.




ONE WEEK:     € 1275.00 (Total)

TWO WEEKS:  € 2425.00  (Total)

Included in the price are all of the following : 

1. Energising Through English (a.m.),  plus

    Ireland and its Culture (p.m.);

2. Refreshment and tasty snack mid-morning with teachers;

3. Host-family with own room, breakfast and evening meal each day;

4. Two evenings out per week, including tickets to all events;

5. Weekly commuter ticket for public transport around Dublin;

6. Saturday excursion into the countryside and any entrance tickets required;

7. Meet & Greet collection service at Dublin Airport.



                                       Winding down...