Brush up your English and explore the value of Presence, Mindfulness and Awareness, for work and for life!






                                  COURSE 1:    From Me to We

                                  COURSE 2:    From Seen to See


  • Improve your fluency in English and enhance your self-awareness;
  • Interconnect through English as we investigate the transition from me to we;  
  • Know your strengths and strengthen your knowledge of English;
  • Reveal a fresh understanding and deeper awareness of success through English;
  • Explore the ideas of vision and values through English;  
  • Investigate Mindfulness through English and engage with the mindset of inquiry;
  • Discover Dublin and Ireland and improve your English through interactive presentations and exciting cultural trips!


Course 1 begins on the first Monday of each month from March to November

Course 2 begins on the second Monday of each month from March to November